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Our Philosophy

There is nothing more inspiring than the impending birth of your first child.

Your life changes forever the moment you find out that beautiful little bundle – so dependent on you, so innocent and pure – is on the way. When we learned that I was carrying little A, Leo and I started to re-evaluate what was important to us.

Our time and attention turned to our baby. Creating a loving home for her. Building a future for all of us.

I began to embrace an organic lifestyle. I was eating the cleanest, greenest locally sourced food. I went as chemical-free as much as possible around the house.

And then it hit me. My skin care and beauty regimen was part of the problem.

The way I looked, and how that made me feel, was very important to me.

I used to spend a lot of money on moisturisers and cosmetics without really considering the impact they might have on my health and the environment.

With little A on board, I was acutely aware that I was no longer responsible just for my own health. A little research showed me that some cosmetics may affect unborn babies.

I knew I had to act.

She was still months away, but my baby girl inspired us to create Boundless Organic, a place where I can share what we’ve learned about organic lifestyles, health, vitality and alternatives to mainstream grooming and cosmetic products of all kinds.

To our delight, we discovered there is an army of people who share our vision.

A is seven weeks old now. Her journey is just starting, and so is ours.

Let’s aim for a cleaner, greener, Boundless future. Together.

Vivian, Leo and little A