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Coconut Magic Coconut Vinegar 375ml


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Coconut Magic Coconut Vinegar is considered a functional ‘super food’ because it has healing benefits beyond its nutritional content. When compared to something like Apple Cider Vinegar, a coconut simply has more nutrients than an apple, thus our vinegar is coming from a source that is naturally higher in minerals and phytonutrients (the humble coconut!) Coconut Magic Coconut vinegar have no added coconut water, sugar cane, artificial yeast or sour enhancement, added MSG or flavor enhancement and is 100% chemical free.

Some of the many health benefits of Coconut Magic coconut vinegar includes:

- 17 amino acids (including all 9 essential amino acids), which have an alkalizing effect on the body, aid digestion, contribute to the repair and rebuilding of muscle tissue, enhance brain and nervous system function, and boost the immune system and energy levels

- High in naturally occurring acids that provide the body with 65 important minerals such as potassium (important in maintaining electrolyte balance, controlling blood pressure and metabolizing sugar), copper (assists the body with red blood cell formation and iron absorption), iron (crucial for the creation of red blood cells) and magnesium
 (essential for proper nerve and muscle function) - Low GI content (only 35!)
 and therefore suitable for diabetics

- Contains therapeutic quantities of naturally occurring fructo-oligosaccharides or FOS (a prebiotic that promotes digestive health)

- A rich source of broad-spectrum B vitamins & vitamin C

- Almost neutral pH (not acidic like most vinegars on the market today)

- Vegan, gluten and dairy free
 (perfect for those with dietary restrictions)

- Low in calories (ideal for those looking to lose weight as it promotes satiety)

- Cholesterol and fat free

- Antimicrobial – can be used to treat a range of skin ailments or as a shampoo/conditioner

Suggested Uses:

Coconut Magic coconut vinegar is incredibly versatile, and can be used for cooking, dipping, as a salad dressing, and can be added to sauces and/or condiments. One to two tablespoons can also be taken medicinally, similar to apple cider vinegar, before meals to stimulate stomach acid concentration and aid digestion. As if that wasn’t enough, coconut nectar vinegar is fantastic for treating a range of skin ailments and is a wonderful addition to any internal cleansing program.

It can be used on the skin to reduce body odor (an all natural deodorant), dark circles, acne scars, dark spots, and the all-important one .. wrinkles!
 It can also be used to treat sun burns, oily skin, irritated skin, insect bites, dry/cracked heels, and/or black heads. Traditionally, coconut vinegar has been used as a shampoo and conditioiner. Coconut vinegar can even be used as a herbicide (a chemical-free alternative!)


Made in Sri Lanka

Additional Information

Ingredients Naturally Fermented Coconut Sap/Nectar
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