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Interview With Little Innoscents


Q: Vivian from Boundless Organic (Co-Founder of Boundless Organic)

A: Antonette Golikidis from Little Innoscents (Founder and Director of Little Innoscents)


Little Innoscents specialises in a range of baby care products that are Australian Certified Organic. Little Innoscents products are natural, simple and organic. Little Innoscents makes its range in Australia but its products are used around the world to promote infant health and as natural remedy for skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. Its organic certification is the reason why parents can trust that with Little Innoscents, they are buying the best skin, body and hair products for their little bundle of joy.


Q:  What was your inspiration with starting up Little Innoscents?

A: Antonette has poured her values and ethos into the Little Innoscents brand. She sees her children as the little ones brought onto this earth for us to nurture and keep safe from the bad habits and nasty environmental affects humans create daily. When she was pregnant with her first child, she went on the search for chemical free, gentle products for her soon to be born baby child. Unable to find exactly what she wanted from the limited range available on the market, teamed with her extensive research into the actual ingredients used in many common products, Antonette set about developing her own signature range.


Q: Little Innoscents specializes in baby care products, which are all Australian Certified Organic, what makes your brand distinctive?

A:The Little Innoscents range also caters to the sensitive of skin – with Antonette developing a range to help prevent the onset of conditions such as dermatitis and eczema by cultivating products which promote and develop healthy skin. Little Innoscents products are 100% natural, paraben – free, SLS-, SLES-free, and Australian Certified Organic. The formulations have been heavily scrutinised and tested for its organic authenticity. By holding the ACO tick of approval, this provides parents with the comfort of knowing that what they are using on their kids hair and body isn’t going to harm them in any way.


Q: Being a brand that specializes in baby care, what would you say to mothers who are new to Little Innoscents?

A: If you are look for something safe and natural to use on your family then you must look at the Little Innoscents range and read the labels on product packaging. I was so tired of “pretend organic” companies making natural claims and misleading consumers and clever marketing which enabled many companies to promote natural and organic without really having formulations that abide by this claim. This frustrated me, so I decided to develop my own baby care range that can prove its authenticity. I wanted organic, natural skincare with no hidden nasties and beautiful scents.


Q:What are the visible effects resulting from the use of your products? Why does it work?

A:I believe the range’s success in treating skin complaints common in early childhood such as eczema, dermatitis and itchiness, comes back to the use of high-quality, organic products. While the symptoms of some skin irritations can be cleared up quite quickly with creams that are riddled with synthetic active ingredients such as cortisone and other steroid type ingredients. They cannot be controlled unless suitable skincare products are continuously used to maintain a good healthy skin. So unless the skin is healthy the symptoms will always reappear. “Our products prevent the symptoms by making the skin healthier rather than trying to cure the problem. We believe that the true essence of why our range works is its combination of certified organic ingredients,”


Q:What is your favorite product in your own brand?

A:Many testimonials come by my desk which make me feel that each day we spend at Little Innoscents headquarters working hard to educate customers the benefits of our natural products is worth it. My most memorable comment was from a mother that had a 2 year old boy who they would wrap up in plastic wrap at night so he wouldn’t scratch himself raw. She came by our range and gave it a go but wasn’t too hopeful as she had a cupboard full of eczema remedies. Within 3 days she had seen remarkable results and after a week most of the scraping had a chance to heal and he was in much better spirits. She called to thank me profusely and to say that our nappy cream is a miracle cream. She now buys 4 or 5 at a time and is always requesting a larger tub!