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Interview With La Mav


Q: Vivian from Boundless Organic (Co-founder of Boundless Organic)

A: Tarj Mavi from La Mav (Founder of La Mav)


La Mav is Australia’s first anti-ageing, 100% naturally formulated and organically produced skin care brand. La Mav is certified to be free of chemicals and toxins, and that each of its products are not tested on animals. La Mav benefits all skin types. It moistures and soothes your skin, and masks imperfections. After many years of research, La Mav has combined some of the earliest natural understandings with up-to-the-minute science to bring you the finest available organic skin care products.


Q:As an uncompromising statement of La Mav: it will always be entirely certified organic; could you please let us know how you and your team make this possible?

A:When In started La Mav I gave a promise to myself – never to compromise with the quality of the products I create. Manufacturing cheap skin care that promises the world is easy and anyone can do it, but this is not what I am after. I pick my suppliers very carefully - I work only with companies that offer 100% pure, certified organic ingredients, of highest quality. 
You won’t believe how happy I am when I receive emails from customers saying that our products had changed their skin for the better. Knowing that you’ve helped someone makes you feel incredible.

Q:How and why did you start up La Mav?

A: After the birth of my second child I developed a severe case of postpartum pigmentation a.k.a melasma. I spent months trying to find products that really worked and were also free of harmful toxins, but to no avail. This is when I decided to turn to nature. As I was still breastfeeding, it was extremely important for me to find an alternative that was 100% toxic free. After several years or profound research, I took my knowledge as a scientist and my experience in the development field and started formulating products based on healthy, effective, organic ingredients that are good for our bodies, good for the planet and good for the generations to come. This is how La Mav came into being.

Q:What makes La Mav unique amongst the cosmetic field?


 La Mav is the first Australian certified organic skin care brand and the first brand to enrich makeup with vitamin C and certified organic Rosehip oil. 

What makes our products special though is our unique three-tier formula. The three-tier formula consists of active constituents, specialty oils and essential base ingredients, all of which are certified organic. We then include our special bio-actives which are 100 per cent plant based and are clinically proven effective to provide anti-ageing results. Combine these qualities with 100 per cent cruelty free and you get La Mav! 

Q:As Australia’s First and Largest organic skin care brand, what is your goal in the next coming 10 years?

A:We’d love to expand our brand by including new product lines and also – to continue educating our customer. Being aware of how the products you use on daily basis are made is a sign that you respect your body and you care not only about your skin, but about your overall health and the environment. We’d love to see more conscious people and we’ll do whatever we can to make this happen.

Q:What is your favourite product in your range and why?


 The Antioxidant Rich Nighly Repair Nectar. My skin loves it! Every evening, before I go to bed, I apply 2 drops on my entire face and massage gently for a minute, until the product is fully absorbed. The next morning my skin looks refreshed, glowing and smooth. True miracle worker!