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Interview with Ere Perez


Q: Vivian from Boundless Organic (Co-founder of Boundless Organic)

A: Ere Perez from Ere Perez (Founder of Ere Perez)


Ere Perez is an Australian-owned company that makes natural and healthy make-up. Ere Perez is Australian Certified Organic and uses premium-quality ingredients that are blended with antioxidants to create fine, natural cosmetics. These products contain all-natural pigments, which are loaded with vitamins and organic oils so you’ll feel rejuvenated while looking your best. Ere Perez offers the finest make-up for all skin types.


Q: "Natural, gentle and highly effective”, could you please explain how Ere Perez is possible to make this happen.

A:  We only use the highest quality oils and natural ingredients that are good for the skin and that have known healing or soothing properties, which makes them perfect for people with sensitive skin. These natural ingredients have been tested and used for generations, long before chemical cosmetics. Makeup doesn’t need to be based on chemicals to be effective. Good formulations of natural products can produce just as great results, better in fact. 


Q: We all have been told general makeup contains different levels of synthetic ingredients some of them are really harmful. Could you please let us know how you create your toxin- free makeup range? 

A: We simply do not use any harmful ingredients! We carefully formulate our products using natural ingredients that are vegan, GMO free and non-toxic.  Over the years synthetic ingredients have been used in cosmetics because it’s easier to produce large volumes and to preserve makeup for longer. But Ere Perez is about quality over quantity. We want to produce the highest quality makeup that is GOOD for you and nourishing for your skin. You should never use makeup that’s been open for longer than 6 months anyway because it will contain bacteria.  There is no need to use harmful synthetic ingredients in modern cosmetics. 


Q: What is your favourite products in your natural makeup range and why?  

A: I love ALL my products - they’re my babies! My favourite has to be my Natural Almond Oil Mascara because it was my first product that inspired the entire range and began my journey with natural cosmetics. It has a huge following. People use it and just love it forever. I’m proud of everything I’ve produced. Versatile Vanilla Highlighter is one of my most recent products and smells divine and always gives you a lift. 


Q: You have infused lots of Sydney lifestyle into your products, could you please describe what is a typical Ere Perez lady? 

A: The typical Ere Perez woman loves the outdoor lifestyle, exercise, healthy living, being out and about in the sunshine and having fun.. she’s not necessarily young, but she feels youthful! There’s something about Sydney that just inspires you to get out there, be healthy and feel great! It’s where a lot of my creative inspiration comes from; just walking by the beach, swimming in the ocean, being out in nature. My products have to be versatile, hard wearing and protective. 


Q: What message do you want to deliver from your brand to the public?

A: Makeup should be about enhancing your natural beauty. It should bring out the best in you and inspire you to be confident, and it should nourish your skin not harm it. There is no need for chemicals in makeup. We are exposed to enough as it is. Healthy, natural, GMO free vegan and above all not tested on animals is hugely important. We have  duty to look after ourselves, our fellow creatures and our planet and using natural makeup is just one of the ways we can do that.