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Interview with Coconut Magic


Q: Vivian from Boundless Organic  (Co-founder of Bouldless Organic)

A: Jenni Madison from Coconut Magic  (Founder of Coconut Magic)


If you’re seeking a premium skin care product that’s rich in nutrients, natural, organic and great for your health and wellbeing, look no further than Coconut Magic. Coconut Magic features the purest enriching coconut oils, extracted from the finest quality cold-pressed coconuts. No heat, no chemicals, no hexanes and no dehydration is used in the extraction of the Medium Chain Fatty Acids that gives Coconut Magic its soft texture, mild taste and raw, light aroma. It’s perfect for everyday use in cooking and as a skin moisturiser. Coconut Magic is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.


Q: Would you please let us know how your coconut magic journey began?

A: In 2009 I was ‘called’ to Ko Samui Island in Thailand with an attractive offer of a marketing position at a reputable health resort. The initial agreement was set as a two-year employment contract. As it turned out though, the cosmos had something else planned for me. When the job fell through after just 4 weeks, I had become quite sick. A few locals recommended I use coconut oil to help with my chronic digestive and skin ailments. After a few pertinent signs I finally listened. This is when the Magic began. I was amazed at the transformation my inner health and my skin had experienced and so were the people around me. I started to research this amazing medicinal oil to learn more about the scientific research and the natural healing benefits. As I began to learn and share my experience, many people asked me to get them some of this unique coconut oil. As I kept going back for more, my supplier asked me what I was doing out there on the Island that everyone wanted to buy coconut oil from me!? I said “I don’t really know, but I feel I have found my purpose and mission. People are asking me to get them this coconut oil and I simply love doing it and sharing it’s benefits”, I then said “it is like Magic” and that was how and when the name Coconut Magic was created. Later, during a skype conversation with my sister in Melbourne, she told me that she couldn’t find a coconut oil in Australia that came close to the purity and beauty of what she had tried when visiting me in Thailand. It was then that I decided to come home and to bring Coconut Magic with me.

Q: What makes coconut magic unique? Where is the magic from?

A: Coconut Magic coconut oil is certified raw, and we have the most strictest quality control process that I have ever seen. The delicious taste, purity and beauty of our coconut oil is where the magic is. The purity also means the healing properties are well intact and effective. The major differences in a coconut oil will be dependent on the raw materials used, and the type of extraction process.. Our coconut oil is very mild and subtle in taste, therefore not overpowering in recipes (raw and cooked), it has a pleasant aroma, and it is also very light and smooth. If the oil is not extracted properly it can easily turn rancid and this is not only horrible to taste and smell it is very unhealthy to consume or apply to your skin. One girl came up to me at an event and said to me that she was using coconut oil on her face and as a result broke out with blotchy skin and acne. When I asked her what brand she was using she told me she bought it from the supermarket. This may be a sign of an inferior quality or rancid oil, from my experience and it won’t happen with a high quality pure coconut oil. Recently at a talk I did a lady with a small baby came up to me and said she tried using coconut oil for her babies cradle cap and that she had no results. I was baffled at this as coconut oil is a natural anti-fungal, and it ‘should’ work. When I asked her what brand she was using, again, she was buying a regular supermarket brand. She purchased some Coconut Magic and a week later messaged me on Facebook delighted to say that her baby’s cradle cap was completely cleared up! I had a similar conversation a while back with one of our customers who used our oil for oil pulling therapy with great results, when she switched to another brand, all of her dental issues came back. She now uses our oil exclusively. When it comes to coconut oil what is on the label, raw, organic, virgin, extra-virgin does not always mean quality and purity. The truth about the quality of coconut oil is noted in the purity of taste, it’s smooth texture and the results.

Q: Would you please describe the best use for coconut oil?

A: It is really hard to pick just one best use because there really are so many. I will keep it simple therefore and list a few that our readers can get started with straight away. • Cooking – coconut oil is ideal as a cooking oil because it can be heated to high temperatures without breaking down and oxidizing, keeping it safe and healthy. • For skin hydration and healing - coconut oil is incredibly effective for skin hydration and for healing the skin of many common rashes and fungal infections. • Oil Pulling Therapy – the benefits of oil pulling therapy with coconut oil are countless. This is an ancient AyurVedic healing tradition that helps maintain dental health, and overall body health. It is a very simple and effective way to detox the body • As a face wash – cleanses and hydrates at the same time. Wet your face, wash with a small amount of coconut oil and then wipe it off with a warm, damp face cloth. It will cleanse, exfoliate and take off any make up, naturally. One of the best things about using coconut oil in the bathroom for skin and hair care is you wont need any of those chemical based substances any more!

Q: How would you differentiate all the various types of coconut oil on the market to yours?

A: Coconut Magic has been recognized as the superior coconut oil now for many years. It is superior because it is so authentic and sustainable in its production. Many people can only use our oil and find others unbearable in taste and aroma. We focus on sustainability, purity, healing and quality this will never change, no matter how large the market grows or the demand becomes. We will always stay with the process that produces the highest quality, and integral coconut oil.

Q: Are there any tips for people who are new to the use of coconut oil?

A: Yes. Get creative with the many wonderful uses of coconut oil. It is never ending, from oral health to pet health. Your pets will benefit as much as we do. Also enjoy the many recipes, especially raw chocolates and raw desserts that you can make with your coconut oil. Don’t be afraid to use it for everything!

Q: What are some of the long lasting benefits using coconut magic oil?

A:  • Skin transformation – clear, shiny and beautiful skin

     • Weight loss and maintenance of natural body weight

     • Better energy

     • Hormone balance

     • Healthy, hydrated and strong hair

     • Much lesser, if any cravings at all for unhealthy or refined foods

     • Coconut Magic coconut oil is also great for maintain pet health it will benefit their skin, gut health, circulation and overal body cleansing.