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Interview With Vanessa Megan

Vanessa Megan believes that you should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat. With that in mind, Vanessa Megan’s has developed a range of pure, natural and organic products that are Australian-made; animal cruelty free and Australian Certified Organic. She has avoided using ingredients like mineral oils and paraffin to produce a product selection that has been satisfying customers since 2001. On her website there are glowing testimonials to the effectiveness of her product range, which caters to men, women, children, expectant mothers and infants.

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Interview With Little Innoscents

Little Innoscents specialises in a range of baby care products that are Australian Certified Organic. Little Innoscents products are natural, simple and organic. Little Innoscents makes its range in Australia but its products are used around the world to promote infant health and as natural remedy for skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. Its organic certification is the reason why parents can trust that with Little Innoscents, they are buying the best skin, body and hair products for their little bundle of joy.

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Interview with Coconut Magic

If you’re seeking a premium skin care product that’s rich in nutrients, natural, organic and great for your health and wellbeing, look no further than Coconut Magic. Coconut Magic features the purest enriching coconut oils, extracted from the finest quality cold-pressed coconuts. No heat, no chemicals, no hexanes and no dehydration is used in the extraction of the Medium Chain Fatty Acids that gives Coconut Magic its soft texture, mild taste and raw, light aroma. It’s perfect for everyday use in cooking and as a skin moisturiser. Coconut Magic is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

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Interview with Ere Perez


Ere Perez is an Australian-owned company that makes natural and healthy make-up. Ere Perez is Australian Certified Organic and uses premium-quality ingredients that are blended with antioxidants to create fine, natural cosmetics. These products contain all-natural pigments, which are loaded with vitamins and organic oils so you’ll feel rejuvenated while looking your best. Ere Perez offers the finest make-up for all skin type

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Interview With La Mav

La Mav is Australia’s first anti-ageing, 100% naturally formulated and organically produced skin care brand. La Mav is certified to be free of chemicals and toxins, and that each of its products are not tested on animals. La Mav benefits all skin types. It moistures and soothes your skin, and masks imperfections. After many years of research, La Mav has combined some of the earliest natural understandings with up-to-the-minute science to bring you the finest available organic skin care products.

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